Hand Therapy

I offer comprehensive, client-centred Hand Therapy consultations to those living in Budapest, Hungary. Whether you wish to self-refer or if you are referred privately by your doctor or surgeon, I am here to help on your road to recovery. Treatment sessions will be tailored to accommodate your specific therapeutic needs.

Some Hand Therapy treatments can be provided to you in your home. Home visits in Budapest are (limited) available, where appropriate. Highest standards of infection control apply.

Please contact me for more information: info@ergoterapeuta.hu

In-Person Hand Therapy

Located in Budapest (near Mom Park) - I offer face-to-face consultations and treatment sessions within the Chauvin N. Nerella (OT) Private Praxis. At your initial appointment, a full history will be gathered alongside a formal assessment of your upper limb, wrist and / or hand. This will be followed by hands-on treatment based on your individual needs.

If a splinting session is what you are after, an assessment will determine what custom splint fabrication is right for you. This can be appropriate for post-op or post-injury splint requirements. This choice is also applicable for the fitting of resting supports to help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, trigger finger or repetitive strain injury (RSI). Bespoke, thermoplastic static and dynamic splint options also available.

Virtual Hand Therapy

I offer comprehensive, client-centred Hand Therapy video consultations. After obtaining a thorough history of your condition your issue will be evaluated / assessed. Introductory virtual / video Hand Therapy consultations may be the right start for you if you have pain or a problem you are concerned about. You will be able to discuss your unique challenges and receive brief hand therapy advice that can be a jumping off point for more in-depth treatment sessions.

Virtual / video Hand Therapy treatment sessions also available and will be tailored to accommodate your specific therapeutic needs. You will receive advice and an activity / exercise programme to get you back to pain-free function doing the things you love best.

Tele-Medical options offer a fully inclusive solution to rehabilitation without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Hand Therapy Consultation: 16.900,- HUF

Hand Therapy per session: 19.800,- HUF

Book an appointment: info@ergoterapeuta.hu

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